The pelvic floor - often a taboo subject for men

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Asita Noachtar

Many people think that the pelvic floor is a women's issue only. But this is a big mistake. Men also have a pelvic floor - and if it is not exercised regularly, it can lead to painful problems. In this blog post, I would like to tell you more about the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor and why it is so important for men to train their pelvic floor

The function of the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor supports the organs inside the body and thus has a very important function in connection with the lumbar spine. Our bladder is the lowest organ and is therefore also supported by the pelvic floor. If you suffer from a pelvic floor weakness or a prostate disease, this can have unpleasant and painful consequences and greatly impair your quality of life.

Consequences of weak pelvic floor muscles

As the pelvic floor is responsible for the correct position and function of the bladder, bowel and sexual organs, among other things, weakened, untrained muscles can have unpleasant consequences, such as:

  • Incontinence
  • Potency disorders
  • Pain in the pelvic and groin area
  • Low back pain

These pains and problems often place a heavy burden on sufferers and affect their quality of life. Strenuous activities such as sports or even laughing and coughing can be a real challenge if you have no control over your bladder. But this does not have to be the case.

In our physiotherapy practice we offer a pelvic floor course. There you will learn simple exercises and get tips for everyday life to counteract the consequences of a weak pelvic floor or to strengthen your pelvic floor preventively to avoid unpleasant consequences and to keep control over your bladder. Go about your beloved sport and enjoy yourself without fear of uncontrolled urine leakage. I would like to help you with this. You can find out more about our pelvic floor course in this article: "Weak pelvic floor? Why our pelvic floor course is the solution."

Advantages of our pelvic floor training

More control over the bladder: Through targeted pelvic floor training, you can get your incontinence problems and involuntary urine leakage under control.

Better posture: Pelvic floor exercises improve your posture. This will make you look more confident and reduce pain such as back or lower back pain due to poor posture. 

Training the core muscles: Pelvic floor training strengthens your core muscles and thus your whole body. 

Pelvic floor training has long since ceased to be a women-only topic, but is an important measure to protect men from consequences such asincontinence and pain. So don't wait until problems occur, but work preventively on a healthy and strong pelvic floor. I will be happy to tell you how to do this in our pelvic floor course.

Tips to relieve the pelvic floor

  • Do not lift from your back, but squat down when you have to lift heavy objects and make sure that your upper body is straight
  • Roll out of bed over the side instead of sitting up first
  • Train your pelvic floor and also your abdominal muscles in our pelvic floor course

Relieve the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor or protect your body preventively

Don't wait until symptoms appear to act, but strengthen your pelvic floor muscles preventively. Prevent the consequences of a weak pelvic floor by doing regular exercises and protect yourself from consequences such as incontinence and pain.

Don't hesitate and don't let weak pelvic floor muscles affect your life. Actively strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your quality of life.Feel free to call our practice for physiotherapy or make an appointment directly. I will be happy to help you take the step towards a carefree life.

Yours, Asita Noachtar

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