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Don't just act when symptoms appear, but take precautions! In our physiotherapy practice, you have the opportunity to actively work on your health. We offer you a range of courses for this purpose.

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The courses offered by our physiotherapy practice in Berlin Wilmersdorf at a glance

Unfortunately it is often the case that patients only come to us when Pain or physical limitations prevent them from performing certain activities. This does not have to be the case! Take advantage of our range of courses to take precautions and keep your body fit for everyday life.

We are gladly there for you and your concerns!

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Hohenzollerndamm 56, 14199 Berlin

Course: Pelvic floor

The Pelvic floor plays an important role in our body. It is responsible for keeping our organs in place and has a direct influence on our spine. If the pelvic floor is not trained, this can have unpleasant consequences, such as Urinary or faecal incontinence

In this training you will learn interesting facts about the structure and function of the pelvic floor and we will give you helpful tips that you can implement in your everyday life to strengthen your Pelvic floor muscles strengthen your pelvic floor. Together in the group, exercises are performed to strengthen the pelvic floor and thereby improve your quality of life. 

Time: currently paused

Course: Functional Training

In our Functional Training course we want to train and improve your endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility together with you. 

Our Sports physiotherapists show you how to train specific movement sequences and muscle groups. The focus here is on stabilising your body and strengthening your muscular system, muscle attachments, tendons and joints for everyday life or preparing them for intensive sporting stress. 

Time: Monday and Wednesday | 6 pm | 10 units

Participants from the courses in the physiotherapy practice report:

The course is really fun

"I suffer from bladder weakness and for a long time I was very embarrassed. There are lots of like-minded people on the course and the training is fun too. Finally, I no longer have to go without things because I'm afraid I won't find the toilet in time."

Sabine T.


It feels good to actively improve

"The Functional Training course is the best thing that could have happened to me. The sport in the group always spurs me on and I notice how good the training is for me. My performance has definitely improved and I've learned a lot."

Aaron Ebner


Exercises that I can easily incorporate into everyday life

"The pelvic floor course made me realise how important it is to train my pelvic floor. I use the exercises at home almost every day and that gives me a good feeling. The training has helped me a lot."

Ellen Wiesner


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