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To promote a healthy and strong body, it is important to work on it through regular exercise. Unfortunately, many people often lack the time or motivation to exercise or they simply don't know which exercises are right for them. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to an effective full-body workout that doesn't require a lot of time. Divide your training time flexibly and strengthen your body. I will show you how to do it.   

Whole body training for beginners

If you find the exercises too strenuous at first, feel free to start with fewer repetitions and increase the volume over time. Take a break of 10 seconds during each repetition of an exercise and another 20 seconds before starting a new exercise. Enjoy your workout! :) 





3x10 repetitions per side

Legs and buttocks

Sit ups

3x10 repetitions

Belly and back


30 seconds

Chest and shoulder


3x5 repetitions

Buttocks and legs

Stretching in quadruped stance

3x10 repetitions per side

Belly and back


20 seconds 

Whole upper body

Exercise for legs and buttocks: Lunge

  • Stand upright and shoulder-width apart on a flat surface. Place your hands on your hips and look straight ahead.
  • Now take a big step backwards with your right leg. Bend your left leg so that your thigh is horizontal to the floor. 
  • Make sure your upper body is straight and upright.
  • Now hold the tension briefly and return to the starting position.

Exercise for abdomen and back: sit ups

  • Lie supine on a mat and hold your hands at the back of your head. Straighten your legs and bend them. Keep your heels firmly on the floor.
  • Now lift your upper body off the mat until it is perpendicular to the floor and tense your abdominal muscles.
  • Hold this position briefly and then slowly lower your body again without touching the mat.
  • Now lift your body upwards again.

Exercise for chest and shoulders: push-ups

  • Get into quadrupedal position and place your hands about shoulder-width apart. At the same time stretch your arms through.
  • Stretch out your legs and get on tiptoe so that your body is held in the air by your hands and toes. 
  • Your body should be straight, your back should not sag and your gaze should be directed towards the floor.
  • Now bend your arms and lower your upper body.
  • Stop just before the floor and stretch your arms through again so that you are back in the starting position.

Exercise for buttocks and legs: Squats

  • Stand up straight and hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly. 
  • Stretch your arms straight out in front, palms facing the floor.
  • Now imagine you want to sit on a chair and move your body downwards.
  • Make sure that you push your buttocks far back and keep your back straight.
  • Your knees should never extend beyond the tops of your feet during the exercise.
  • When your knee joints are bent to about 90 degrees, slowly straighten your body again.

Exercise for abdomen and back: stretching in quadruped stand

  • Get into the quadruped position. 
  • Place your arms shoulder-width apart and place your knees about hip-width apart under your body.
  • Now simultaneously raise your left arm and right leg and stretch them out.
  • Keep your head straight while doing this.
  • Then repeat this process with the right arm and the left leg.

Exercise for the upper body: Plank

  • This exercise again takes place in a quadruped stance.
  • Support your forearms parallel to each other on the fitness mat or floor. Your elbows are below your shoulders. 
  • Now place your feet with the tips of your toes and lift your body off the floor.
  • Keep your back straight and tense your abdomen. Your gaze is directed towards the floor.

How often should you do the full body workout?

To achieve results and strengthen your body, you don't have to do the whole workout every day. On the contrary - breaks are important so that you can recover from the physical exertion. Try to do at least 2-3 exercises 3-5 times a week and keep increasing.

You want to be supported and motivated by a personal therapist during your workout? Then Please feel free to make an appointment in our physiotherapy practice. We will be happy to create a training plan for you to help you strengthen your body and improve your skills such as strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. I hope you enjoy the workout and look forward to your feedback. 

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