Do you suffer from bladder weakness? - THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DEAL WITH IT


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Asita Noachtar

Bladder weakness is a problem that many people struggle with. People who suffer from bladder weakness often find it difficult to lead a carefree life. The fear of unwanted urine loss is simply too great and often takes away some of the ease of life for those affected. 

Incontinence can be caused by health problems, but also by pregnancy, stress or anxiety. In this article, we will discuss how you can relieve the symptoms of bladder weakness so that you can manage your bladder weakness in the long term.

How to relieve the symptoms of bladder weakness

1. drink enough

The first step to reducing bladder weakness is to increase your fluid intake. The bladder muscles contract when you urinate, so drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and walk at least every one to two hours to loosen these muscles.

2. allow yourself to rest sometimes too

Stress can promote bladder weakness. To counteract this, you should relax regularly. Give yourself breaks, go for a walk when you notice that something is getting too much for you or relax with a massage

3. pay attention to the correct body posture

To relieve the strain on your pelvic floor muscles, make sure your posture is upright. Try to keep your back straight when standing and sitting. 

4. train your pelvic floor

There are some exercises you can do to improve your Strengthen the pelvic floor and can thus counteract bladder weakness. In our Practice for physiotherapy I offer a Pelvic floor training course an. The course is designed to counteract the consequences of a weak bladder in the long term. In the training, you will learn interesting facts about the structure and the Function of the pelvic floor and I will give you tips that you can implement in your everyday life to improve your Pelvic floor muscles strengthen. Exercises are performed together in the group to strengthen the pelvic floor and thus reduce the associated consequences such as Bladder weakness are supposed to alleviate. 

There are many things you can look out for to help relieve the symptoms of your bladder weakness. It is important to me that you can enjoy your life without bladder weakness getting in the way. Actively do something about incontinence so that you can manage it in the long term. I am happy to help you with this.

Do you have questions or would you like to actively counteract your bladder weakness? Then feel free to call or make an appointment in our physiotherapy practice. Don't hesitate any longer and improve your quality of life. Don't let your life be determined by bladder weakness any longer.

Yours, Asita Noachtar

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