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As I already mentioned in a previous blog post, functional training is a workout that does not train muscle groups in isolation, but rather uses several muscle groups and joints at the same time. Functional training combines the components of flexibility, strength, endurance and fitness and is therefore a perfect whole-body workout. 

How can functional training help improve athletic performance? 

Athletes often have the same goal: to increase their performance in order to become better. However, it is often neglected that training individual muscle groups alone is not enough to become a better athlete. 

Let's take a closer look at the sport of tennis, for example. Tennis players need strength in their arms so that they can wield the racket properly and hit the ball. But what use is the player's strength if he is already out of breath after a few minutes or if he cannot react quickly enough to catch the tennis ball? A hard stroke is of course important in tennis, but it does not necessarily make you a better player. 

Functional training therefore trains the four components of strength, flexibility, endurance and fitness. Your body is thus prepared in the best possible way for sporting stresses such as running, jumping and throwing, so that injuries can be prevented and your performance in all these categories can be improved. 

How does the Functional Training course at Physiotherapie Körtner work?

Together in the group you will learn flexible exercise variations for an individually adapted, effective and motivating workout. You will be motivated and guided by our trainer throughout the course so that you do all the exercises correctly and don't forget to have fun. 

We show you how to train specific movement sequences and muscle groups that help to stabilise your body and strengthen your muscular system, muscle attachments, tendons and joints for everyday life or prepare you for intensive sporting stress. Improve your athletic performance through effective training. Strengthen your whole body and at the same time increase your fitness, flexibility and endurance. We support you in this. 

Curious? Then secure a place in the Functional Training course at Physiotherapy Körtner. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact field on our website or simply call our practice for physiotherapy Benjamin Körtner

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