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Are you tired of constantly injuring yourself? Do you often lack the necessary Endurance? You finally want to improve your performance in sports? Then Functional Training is exactly the right thing. Why? I'll explain that to you in this blog article. 

What is Functional Training?

Functional training trains and improves endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Unlike many workouts, this type of training does not train muscle groups in isolation. Extensive movements are carried out that work several joints and muscle groups at the same time and thus not only contribute to training the muscles, but also have a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. This significantly reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke

Why should you definitely try Functional Training?

1. increase mobility, strength, coordination and endurance

Functional training offers the perfect mix of four components. With this type of training, you can improve the mobility of your joints, increase the strength of your muscles and train your endurance and coordination at the same time. 

In many forms of training, at least one of these factors is neglected, which can lead to injury or overload. For some sports, it is not essential to improve all of these qualities. However, in order to become fit for all everyday challenges, training these skills is very beneficial. 

2. training important movement patterns

Because this type of training exercises the whole body, the joints and muscle groups are strengthened and become more resilient. You train movement patterns that you need in everyday life. For example, sitting on a chair is trained with the help of squats. This prepares the body for everyday stress so that the risk of injury is reduced

3. fast fat burning

Intensive exercise boosts fat burning. Many active muscles burn more fat than just one. Functional training is therefore also ideal for losing weight. You could say that functional training offers a real complete package ;) 

4. training is most fun in the group

Often you just don't find the motivation to work on yourself and your body. That's why functional training takes place in groups. The workout in the group has a stimulating effect and motivates immensely. As an experienced sports physiotherapist, I know how exhausting it can be not to lose strength and courage during training. That's why motivation and fun during the workout are very important to me. Come and see for yourself. 

Our Functional Training Course - Perfect Workout for Everyone

Because we want to help you train and improve your flexibility, endurance, strength and coordination, we offer a functional training course in our physiotherapy practice. We will show you how to train specific movements and muscle groups to stabilise your body and strengthen it for everyday life or to prepare it for intensive sporting activities such as running, jumping and throwing . Think about tomorrow today and protect your body from injury. Get the best out of yourself, we will help you. 

Do you have any questions or are you interested in the Functional Training Course? Then feel free to contact us at our physiotherapy practice Benjamin Körtner. Call us or make an appointment appointment via our website. I look forward to seeing you.

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