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The perfect swing - how to optimise your performance on the course

Take the opportunity now to work on your golf performance. Often, restricted movements in the shoulder, spine or hip mean that you cannot execute your tee shot 100 per cent. This may result in a loss of distance and unwanted deviation of the ball.

Through targeted, individual physiotherapy planning, we can further develop your strengths and minimise your weaknesses so that you can celebrate new successes on the court. After a personal consultation and a detailed check of your health, you will receive your individual training plan from us.

Our physiotherapy programme services for golfers include the following:

Analysis of your biomechanical golf swing under health aspects

Compensation of muscular deficits through targeted training

Reduction of pain that can affect the tee shot, for example - Strengthening of the muscles

Special exercises for more flexibility in the hip & back area

Training to increase endurance, coordination, balance and stability

Restoring your personal fitness in case of discomfort

Benjamin Körtner - Owner & alternative practitioner Berlin Wilmersdorf

Let's work on your swing together

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Golfers report on our cooperation

Erik T.


"Since I have been practising regularly with Benjamin, my golf game has improved a lot. It's really great to make such great progress."

Testimonial 3

Thomas H.


"After having to sit out a season due to shoulder surgery, I can finally return to the pitch next year thanks to Benjamin."

Wolfgang H.


"Besides excellent physiotherapy, I was also able to learn a lot from Benjamin. Thank you for that. "

Testimonial 2

Ursula M.


"Great physiotherapy and great conversations. Benny is a really nice and competent physiotherapist. I will definitely come back again."

Frequently asked questions

Who is this programme suitable for?

Physiotherapy for golfers is suitable for both professional and amateur golfers. Beginners can also benefit from our expertise to improve their game.

How does the training for golfers work?

In our first appointment we have a personal conversation about your goals and possible deficits. We will also conduct a detailed assessment of your condition and status.

Based on the results of the first appointment, we develop an individual therapy and training plan, which we implement together in appointments 2-4. In the fifth and final appointment, we evaluate your goals using re-tests and adjust your training plan if necessary, so that you can expect the best possible results and are guaranteed to improve your performance on the green.

How much does training cost for golfers?

Our training package consists of 5x40 minutes and costs 350 euros. 

How many training sessions are necessary to achieve improvements?

In most cases, significant improvements can be noticed after the first few sessions. It will be important to follow the training plan in the long term to get sustainable results.

What distinguishes this programme from ordinary physiotherapy?

With this programme for golfers, we specifically treat golf injuries, such as golfer's arm or golfer's elbow , and develop a training programme designed to improve your handicap in the long term. We draw on the expertise of our practice owner and golfer Benjamin Körtner.